*NOTE: Prices subject to change daily due to unforeseen times*

Lumber Tarps | 8' Drops

Starts from $296.00

Lightweight Tarps

Starts from $309.00

Steel Tarps | 2' & 4' Drops

Starts from $179.00

Step Deck Tarps | 3 Piece

Starts from $309.00

Wallboard Tarps | 6' Drops

Starts from $289.00

Coil Tarps

Starts from $85.00

Machine Tarps | 9' & 10' Drops

Starts from $569.00

Nose Tarps | Smoke Tarps

Starts from $85.00

Winch Straps

Rubber Straps

Transport Chains

Tarps4Less offers the lowest prices on quality American and Imported Truck Tarps. But unlike many competitors who just sell imports, we actually make our American Truck Tarps right here (in the U.S.A.). Tarps4Less has been selling and shipping quality Lumber Tarps, Plywood/Wallboard Tarps, Steel Tarps as well as custom Truck Tarps along with our complete line of Cargo Controls for over 10 years throughout the lower 48 states. Check out our very low prices and if you don’t see what you need, or prefer to order by phone give us a call (877) 874-5377. T4L shipping rates UPS are negotiated so low, you’ll be sure to get the best possible!

Made in the USA

Made In The U.S.A. tarps4less.com

American Tarps 4 Less! There is a certain pride that comes with using products made in the USA, and you will find that the majority of our tarps are manufactured here in the states. (Our Econo-Line Tarps are excluded.) Because of this, you can purchase your tarps, knowing that only the best manufacturing techniques and materials were used. Did you know,... tarps that are 27' are almost always import tarps from China! Ask for U.S.A. Made!

Truck tarps

We believe that truck tarps should be durable and so we use only the best vinyl material available for our tarps. T4L truck tarps contain first quality 10, 14, and 18 ounce vinyl tarp fabric. You can even customize your tarp with your company’s name printed on it for a small fee. The vinyl paint we use to print your company name won’t crack or peel, ensuring that your tarp looks great during its lifespan.

Our tarps product line:

  • Steel drops
  • Replacement role tarps (for dump trailers)
  • Lumber drops
  • Lightweight drops
  • Plywood/wallboard drops
  • Specialty drops (for coil bags, smoke tarps, etc.)
  • Custom tarps (made to your specifications)

Load securing products

In order to ensure that your load is secured for its journey, be sure to check out our line of load securing products. Our load securing equipment includes rubber straps, chains, straps, strap winders, winch bars, hand ratchet strap assemblies, oversized load signs, grommet kits, and lumber hauler packs. All Tarps4Less products come with a no questions asked return policy so, if you don't like the product for any reason, all you have to do is send it back to us for a refund. (Please see our refund terms for more information.)

The best prices

Many times we are asked how we are able to provide such great prices to our customers. Part of the reason is because we buy our materials in volume so it is less expensive for us to manufacture the tarps. Another reason is because we keep our overhead costs down with streamlined production methods so that we can still produce a great quality tarp and pass the savings along to you.

Fast delivery

Most companies that sell truck tarps and load securing equipment require you to go and pick up your order, interfering with your ability to make money. Furthermore, you also have to spend more money on fuel in order to go and collect your products. When you order with us, we ship our products directly to you, making it more convenient for you and your business. Because we carry most of our products in stock, we can ship most orders out by the next business day. (Surcharges may apply to shipping-- please see individual product information for details.)

Stop paying more than you have to for your truck tarps and load securing equipment! Check out our online catalog and place your order with T4L today!

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