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Rubber Tie Down Straps – Securing Cargo on Truck Trailer Now Made Easy!

Rubber tie-down straps are crucial tools for load securement. When you have cargo to secure on the back of a truck, rubber tarp straps help make sure that your load won’t move or topple over while in transit, causing an even bigger hassle on the road or endangering other vehicles that are rushing by. Regardless of whether you transport cargo over long or short distances, investing in tools that ensure safety is crucial.

What’s important to remember when shopping for rubber tarp straps is that even the toughest of equipment isn’t immune to the rigors of the outdoors, especially when they are subjected to extreme conditions and temperatures. Rubber is especially sensitive to changes in atmospheric conditions. Extreme temperatures can take a toll on their construction. 

Rubber tie-down straps typically come in two types: natural rubber and EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber. The latter is a kind of synthetic rubber that offers great resistance to various elements, including heat, acids, bases, and ozone. Because of its synthetic and highly resistant composition, EPDM rubber is an ideal material for all kinds of applications, especially in the automotive industry. 

The same EPDM rubber that is used in rubber tarp straps is also used in car components like seals, belts, hoses, and more. This type of rubber is a better choice than natural rubber because it can withstand hot climates better, even when constantly exposed to sunlight and heat. 

Natural rubber, on the other hand, is a good choice for cold-weather applications because it doesn’t split or crack in cold conditions. It also has a better give and stretch than EPDM rubber and will return faster to its original non-stretched length than its synthetic counterpart. 

Rubber tarp straps are inexpensive tarping accessories you should invest in. This is especially true when buying in bulk or bundles. When your transport conditions call for a constant supply of rubber tie down straps, it is best to have a go-to place to get good quality tarp straps and accessories. 

Tarps4Less is such a place, offering complete tarping solutions for all kinds of tie-down applications. Tarps4Less tarps and tarp straps are built and made for securing tarps over all kinds of vehicles from trailers and campers to large delivery trucks. They are made to withstand regular wear and tear and will not easily crack or tear, even when subjected to extreme conditions.

Rubber Tie Down Straps – Securing Cargo on Truck Trailer Now Made Easy!