Free Repair Service

Tarps 4 less Now Offers FREE Repair Service!

Within the first year of the life of every tarp we make, will patch up to 40 holes (up to 2″ diameter) and repair any stitching that has come loose. These repairs will be done at no charge* to our customer.
*NOTE: This offer is based upon the terms as described below. Persons who send their tarps to agree to the terms and conditions as described.

How it works:

  • Contact tarps4less customer service at (877) 874-5377
  • Tell the representative the name and date of purchase.
  • The appropriate shipping charges will be calculated for transporting your tarps (both directions).
  • Upon receipt of a valid credit card number (shipping charges) tarps4less will issue shipping labels and shipping bags to the address you specify.
  • Bag & Tag your tarps and call UPS for a pick up (or drop off at UPS).
  • tarps4less will repair your tarps within the limits of our FREE Repair policy.
  • Due to transit time, please allow between 10-20 working days for your tarps to be returned.
  • If your tarps require additional repairs, a representative will contact you with the cost of those additional repairs.
  • If you elect not to have those additional repairs performed tarps4less will return them to you with the FREE Repairs performed ONLY.

What is Included:

  1. Heat or glue patching up to 40 holes 2″ in diameter or less.
  2. Resewing existing sewing that is missing or has come loose.
  3. Grommets that are missing.

What is NOT Included:

  1. Shipping in either direction.
  2. Patching holes that are larger than 2″ in diameter.
  3. Patching any holes above the covered quantity.
  4. Replacing D-Rings or Webbing
  5. Replacing missing or destroyed sections of fabric.

A Few Words About Tarp Wear & Tear

Let’s face it. Tarps will wear out. The most expensive tarp fabric available will not change that fact. Whether this is intended by the fabric manufacturers is unknown. Maybe they have a lightweight waterproof fabric that doesn’t tear or wear out. We haven’t seen it, and probably couldn’t afford it if it existed. But we’ll let you know if it ever becomes available.

Tarps Last Longer If Used Properly

Put the same tarps in the hands of 2 different drivers hauling the same identical loads to the same destination under the same conditions: One driver’s tarps might last 1 year and the others 1 month or even less if he/she doesn’t properly use them. Anyone who has followed a flatbed down the highway with the tail flap whipping loose in the wind can attest to that.
A few easy things to remember that will make tarps last longer:

  1. Use a lot of bungees so they don’t blow or billow in the wind.
  2. Pad the sharp corners of your loads with scrap carpet, old tarps, or padding.
  3. Do Not put load or ratchet straps over your tarps.

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