Plywood/Wallboard Tarps (6' Drops)

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The T4L Difference!

Plywood/Wallboard tarps are used to cover plywood, sheetrock, roofing material and other similar cargo. These tarps come with 2 rows of D-Rings 30 inches apart or 3 Rows of D-Rings 24 inches apart. All sewing double lock stitched for superior strength. Remember properly placed extra bungees can help to prolong tarp life by minimizing wind whip damage. Stocked in Black and available in multiple colors these low priced American made steel tarps are in stock and ready to ship!

Need a custom tarp? No problem, give us a call (877) 874-5377. Lead time varies based on the material, color and availability.

As with all loads, and especially Plywood or Wallboard; you can save yourself a lot of money by spending a few minutes identifying and padding sharp corners and edges before you tarp. Carpet stores often have scrap pieces available for free, and with a roll of duct tape you can fix a problem before it happens. Or, click on over to our cargo controls section and browse a variety of corner protectors at affordable prices.

Have questions or comments? Give us a call! We appreciate hearing from our customers with comments, questions and suggestions on how can help flatbed owner operators maximize their spending power.

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